How to ensure your insurance will work

We TMve heard time and time again that after a natural disaster many people lose everything.

According to Safeguard Agency Principal Abraham C. Padron, it TMs always best to keep your policy handy and to take a good look at it so you know what TMs covered.

Coverage TMs that we want in the Valley are wind, hurricane and hail.

Eighty percent of all losses will occur with either wind hurricane or hail, Padron said.

The McAllen hail storm last March caused extensive damage to a lot of homes, that TMs why Padron says it TMs important you look over your policy.

Typically you want to renew your policy at the renewal date, Padron said.

Padron said that if you TMve made changes to your home it TMs also a good time to talk to your agent.

He said you should also take inventory of your personal belongings and taking pictures is also recommended.

If you need to file a claim there TMs a procedure to follow.

Call your agent, the agent will follow protocol and put a claim through the company and the adjuster comes and talks to you and puts a claim through your agent; another way is to go directly to the company, Padron said.

One thing to keep in mind is the waiting period to hear back about your claim, so remember to have patience.

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