How to land a job

Fax machines, phones, and computer clicks are the sounds of a typical day at Texas Workforce Solutions.

"[How long have you been looking for a job] about a month and a half?" a man said.

Research conducted by the Texas Workforce Solutions states that Hidalgo, Starr County and Willacy County remain the highest in unemployment, a rate of 12.1%.

Despite the alarming numbers, Victor De Leon, Public Affairs Officer with Workforce Solutions, says the jobs are here.

"There are many jobs available and there are many people looking for jobs potentially. Folks may not know where to look for those jobs or they may also be also what some consider a mismatch," De Leon said.

Victor said they have more jobs available than those people looking for those jobs with that skill set.

Elizabeth Mendoza, a student that has been unemployed for only one day, remains optimistic.

"I think I TMll find a job for sure by this week. I TMll have a job. Like I know for sure cause there TMs always job openings," Mendoza said.

She's looking for a job in customer service.

Many in the valley wonder about the jobs in high paying positions.

Victor said the high paying wage jobs are also here. Employers who target those actively looking for jobs need to know how to target those job seekers.

Workforce Solutions can help find the right candidate at no charge to the employer.

"If they want a larger pool of candidates, we can help with that. If they want a smaller, more targeted pool of candidates that have an x amount of credentials or experience we can also assist with that and filter the larger pools," De Leon said.

Those jobs are very competitive .

You compete with people from the valley and people looking to migrate for a high paying job.

Victor said there aren TMt that many high paying jobs here for the amount of people that fulfill those credentials, forcing employers to be more selective.

Elizabeth said it TMs only a matter of time before she gets hired.

"They should come here to Workforce, get online, look for jobs. There TMs always jobs out there for somebody," Mendoza said.

She said you have to remain positive and not give up.

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