How young is too young to talk to children about sex?

Talking to your children about sex

They are a fun loving family who enjoy spending time together and share just about everything.

Even those things that some families might find uncomfortable to talk about.

"As far as sex and sexually transmitted diseases, we want to provide a comfortable environment for them to turn to."

Todd and Demina Nichols are raising their two sons in an environment where sex is not something to laugh about, but instead they feel it should be understood so that their two sons don't make mistakes and are aware of what they may encounter in the real world.

"We're not condoning that behavior. We want them to know how to take care of themselves in case something does come up."

Their 11-year-old son learned at an even earlier age about condoms, and although mom and dad use the word awkward, they say it's better for them to know than not.

With an alarming number of young people taking dangerous risks and a thousand Americans between 13 and 24 years old being infected each month with HIV, the time to teach is now.

Mom and dad say many parents shy away from revealing too much about sexual activity to their children because they feel they are not old enough to understand, but they believe their kids will hear it early on from someone else and they would rather the information come from them..

"I want my sons to be good responsible men."

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