Human smugglers may want dead immigrant bodies found

At Eight Mile Line and Stewart Road North of Alton, a driver discovered the body of a suspected illegal immigrant Tuesday.

"Within a mile of that area is the fourth body that we find in the last two years, where human traffickers experience a death, one of the people that they are trafficking, and they leave them by the side of the road, said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio.

On the side of the road, the sheriff said, so the bodies will be found.

"That TMs a theory on our part, said Trevio. We TMve seen this before where the trafficker will leave identifications on the body to make it easier to track the body, the family down.

Sheriff Trevio said the man found Tuesday had a bus ticket from Michoacn, Mexico to Reynosa, Mexico.

He said it was dated April 17th, and after that is when the man likely entered the U.S. illegally.

"It probably took him a couple days to get together with the trafficking group, said Trevio. By the time he crossed over, it might have been just too much for him to endure."

The sheriff said the man was not hurt.

"He was not beat, he was not shot, he was not stabbed nor cut, said Trevio.

Instead an autopsy revealed the man likely died from dehydration.

But it's not case closed.

The sheriff said he will investigate this as a homicide until toxicology results come in.

That could happen up to two weeks from now.

Neighbors told Action 4 News off camera the area is not only a site for dumping bodies but also for unloading stolen cars, tires and trash.