Humane society accidentally euthanizes dog, family grieves loss

Weenie, two-year-old dauschand was accidently euthanized

A Harlingen family is devastated after their local humane society accidentally euthanized their family dog.

Noehmi Larios said she was so excited to pick her two-year-old dog, Weenie, from the Humane Society Wednesday afterschool, but much to her dismay she learned her beloved dog was mistakenly put to sleep.

"His hands were like this, his eyes were open, he just looked alive," said a heartbroken 17-year-old Noehmi Larios.

She buried her two-year-old dachshund Weenie in the yard Wednesday.

"He was just a good dog, every time I'd go outside he would always be with more and he would jump on my lap like, I just miss that alot," she said.

Last week, Weenie was quarantined at the Harlingen Humane Society, which is the city of Harlingen's rabies quarantine, after he had bitten a family member.

The Larios family was told to wait ten days, per city ordinance.

They were told to pay a fine and pick up Weenie at noon, but before they could do so, they received a devastating call alerting them that Weenie had accidentally been euthanized.

"I couldnt believe it it was a mistake how do you mistake-how can you mistake something like that?" asked Larios.

Executive Director at the Harlingen Human Society, Kim Warunek, said something like this has never happened before.

Warunek said the employees broke protocol, and both were terminated immediately.

"It's a horrible feeling we all have pets here. We're all animals lovers and if that was my pet, I would be equally as upset as the Larios family is and certainly have the right to be," said Warunek.

"He's not replacable, he's very special to me, " said Larios.

While Warunek said she understands Weenie can never be replaced, she said she's willing to right a wrong even offering to help the Larios family find another pet.

"We do recognize that this was completely our fault and are doing the best we can to fix the situation," said Warunek.

Noehmi Larios told Action 4 she won't be able to get another dog for awhile because Weenie was a more than a dog-he was a member of their family.