Hundreds takes refuge in shelters as "Ingrid" inches closer

Heavy rain in Ciudad Victoria // By David Vega via Instagram

While most of Mexico is celebrating Independence Day, hundreds of people have been evacuated just south of the Rio Grande Valley as Hurricane Ingrid inches closer to shore.

The Category 1 hurricane is expected to make landfall north of Tampico late Monday morning but its effects are already being felt.

Tamaulipas state officials confirmed that some 329 people have been evacuated from their homes due to heavy rains, flooding and other damages.

So far, the most affected area is Soto La Marina, a municipality just north of Tampico.

Some 232 people are already staying in hurricane shelters there while floodwaters washed out a bridge on the old highway between Soto La Marina and Villa de Casas.

Tamaulipas officials confirmed that more than a 100 people have already been placed in shelters in Abasolo, Aldama, Villa de Casas, Guemez, Mendez, Padilla and San Fernando.

The evacuations come while most of Mexico is celebration the "Diez y Sies de Septiembre" to commemorate the 203rd anniversary of independence from Spain.

Celebrations for "El Grito" or the "Shout of Independence" were canceled Aldama and other cities in southern Tamaulipas as rain already started to hit the area.