Hunters warned after shots fired near Edinburg school

Victim of shooting near school back in December

With hunting season now in full swing, Edinburg CISD is taking extra precautions to ensure students are safe.

A shooting back in December injured two Harwell Middle School students.

Just yesterday, gunshots by dove hunters were heard near another Edinburg school.

Superintendent Dr. Rene Gutierrez said police and deputies were able to reprimand the hunters responsible for the shooting near the school yesterday.

"We are trying to be very careful. We are being very proactive, said Dr. Gutierrez. If we hear any gunshots around our schools, immediately we will send our police department as well as the sheriff's department."

The district wants to make sure hunters are aware of their surroundings, and to stay away from shooting near schools or populated areas.

"Anybody that TMs going to be hunting, you need to be aware of your surroundings, especially nearby schools, said Dr. Gutierrez. Hunters out there need to be more responsible."

Edinburg CISD respects hunters during this dove season and upcoming deer season.

They also expect hunters to have the same respect for people in the area.