Hurricane Alex Versus Twilight's Eclipse

The battle between vampire and wolf in the movie Eclipse has taken center stage over Hurricane Alex at the Cinemark Theater in Harlingen. "We're more interested in Edward... Sorry Alex... Sorry," Mattie Rowe said. Alex is a Category 1 Hurricane moving toward the coast of Mexico just south of the Rio Grande Valley. People with tickets to the see the midnight screening of the third movie based on the wildly popular Twilight series purchased them well in advance. All of the screenings were sold out. "My ticket says May 16th," Mary Garza said. Fans lined up throughout the day on Tuesday. Joey Martinez, an Edcouch-Elsa teen, had been waiting in line since 9 in the morning. "From the first book that I read... it was a good book... after about a month I read all of them," Martinez said. Bella Swan and her vampire love, Edward Cullen, are undoubtedly the big draw in the flick. But wolf-pack fans known as "Team Jacob" said don't count out their hunky character. Many of them wore wolf bracelets and earrings. One die-hard fan even had a temporary tattoo that was strikingly similar to the one on Jacob's buff arm. Mary Garza, who admittedly joked she was one of the oldest fans waiting to see the film, said the love triangle story transcends age. "It's just nice to be out here...seeing all the kids enjoying themselves... it's just fun," Garza said. Lindsay Davis and Kylie Boykin made t-shirts to battle the wolf-pack. Mattie Rowe said she planned to put on make-up and dress like a vampire. People waiting to see the flick listened to music, played cards and updated their Facebook status. And while a countdown loomed at the theater for the feature presentation, you would never know prep work was underway for a major storm. "I'm not really concerned about the storm...Edward will save me," one fan said.