Hurricane Call Center: Are you prepared?

Mass Casulaty Evacuation Ambulance

If disaster strikes, would you be prepared?

Hurricane season begins June 1st, and Action 4 News will be providing a information on how you, your family, and business owners can get prepared now.

On Friday, Action 4 News will be hosting an informational hurricane call center and 30 minute detailed show called "Hurricane Season: Time to Prepare" sponsored by SafeGuard Insurance.

Emergency managers and other experts will be at our Action 4 News studio LIVE to answer your questions on Twitter and Facebook.

Viewers are also encourage to call our hurricane hotline from 5 p.m. to 6:30pm at 956-366-4423.

Disaster prevention includes creating an evacuation plan, a survival kit, a home inventory list, tracking and understanding the use of social media, etc.

It is also important to know how to create your own storm bucket.

Wheel of Fortune will not be shown tonight as Action 4 News will broadcast a half-hour special about hurricane season.

Social media tools during hurricane season

How to create your own storm bucket

How to make your 72-hour hurricane survival kit

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