Hurricane Special 2014: Getting The Correct Insurance Policy

Hurricane season is officially under way but it is expected to be slim at best.

El Nino is expected to crush the season but one storm is all it takes.

Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr and Willacy counties are all preparing for that one storm asking everyone to prepare now.

On Monday, emergency managers, the Texas Department of Transportation and Shepard Walton King Insurance Group joined Action 4 News in hosting a hurricane call center.

Emergency managers in all four counties are encouraging landowners to clean up their property, create a family emergency plan and call 211 if you need transportation.

We are reminding people we haven TMt been hit since 2008 Cameron County Emergency Manager Humberto Barrera said.

Moms and dads are the first line of preparation so they know what items or medication they need he added.

Whether you live inland or along the coast, cities want you to trim your trees now don TMt wait until a storm comes.

insert brush Hidalgo County Emergency Manager Oscar Montoya told Action 4 News.

Homeowner TMs insurance was the number one question on everyone TMs mind.

Shepard Walton King Insurance Group teamed up with Action 4 News to answer your questions.

Dozens of homeowners simply wanted to know how you get s quote.

Pick up the phone and call us [Shepard Walton King Insurance Group] for a free quote Managing Vice President of Shepard Walton King Raul Cabaza said.

A team of experts from his office field more than 100 calls into the newsroom.

One of the biggest misconceptions is whether flood was included into your home insurance.

Cabaza TMs team said no.

Flood insurance is a separate policy from your homeowner TMs policy Cabaza added.

He stressed that once your purchase flood insurance there is a standard 30 day waiting period.

Windstorm in some case can be a separate policy so check your homeowner TMs policy to see if wind insurance is included Cabaza said.

If not, a separate policy can be purchase through the Texas Windstorm Association.

If you have questions about insurance, you can call Raul Cabaza at Shepard Walton King at 956-682-2841.

The have offices on both sides of the Valley in McAllen and Harlingen.

They can also provide information on polices for businesses as well.

This year, we are giving away a free generator and storm bucks.

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Hurricane season ends in November.

Now is the time to review your home insurance documents.

Did you know there are different types of home insurance policies?

Different policies cover different aspects of damage.

For example, one policy covers wind storm damage while another cover flood damage.

There are also steps you can take to make filing a claim easier for you.

Experts say it best to keep track of your belongings by creating a home inventory:

Jewelry Furniture Electronics Antiques Art Other High Dollar Assets

It TMs also best to keep photos, videos and documentation of valuables along with receipts, credit card statements and appraisals.