HURRICANE SPECIAL: How to create your own Storm Bucket

Procrastination can have expensive and even deadly consequences when it comes to hurricane season.

That's why its vital to be prepared already.

"You always want to be prepared at least months, weeks in advance and it could prevent an accident from happening," said Jay Delao.

He is the hurricane supply guru at Home Depot in Harlingen, where just like the sign says, they want to 'make sure you don't get caught in the dark.'

They're making it easy.

Just head down the front aisle near the check out lane.

"Its your before during and after kit, said Delao.

You may need roof cement to keep the water out.

There's silicon caulking to keep the H2O from leaking into your windows and doors.

"You should still try to board up your windows and doors as much as possible," said Delao.

The right size generator outside will keep your electricity flowing and don't forget the extension cords.

Rope should also be on your list if there's anything you need to tie down outdoors to keep it from blowing away.

A chainsaw may be needed to clear up loose tree limbs before the storm and the fallen limbs after.

When it comes to after, let the clean-up begin, before the mold sets in.

Pile on the OFF, to avoid a mosquito attack.

Get your supplies today, before the long lines form and the stores sell out.

Pick up a hurricane supplies checklist at your local Home Depot.

The store also offers classes to help prepare residents for hurricane season.

Click here for more information about making your own Storm Bucket.