HURRICANE SPECIAL: Understaning Hurricane Insurance

With Hurricane Season underway, residents of the Rio Grande Valley are watching and waiting to see when or if the next big tropical system will hit.

The time to make sure your home or business is insured is now.

Abraham Padron of Safeguard Insurance says it all starts with creating your perfect policy.

"That would cover your home in case of wind, hurricanes, hail, and fire...theft," he says are included.

But what about water?

That TMs where flood insurance comes into play, of which, less than 50% of Valley residents actually have.

"It's inexpensive if you don't live in a flood zone," Padron said. "It's a little more expensive if you live in a flood zone. It's all based on a certificate of elevation."

Your elevation will determine where you are on the flood map, and that determines how much you pay.

In addition, flood insurance needs to be purchased 30 days in advance.

The coverage is specifically for rising water, which according to Padron is, "|water means water coming from the streets...coming through your doorway...and it's rising."