Husband claims jealousy led to wife TMs stabbing spree

A Raymondville man spoke to Action 4 News on how his common law wife allegedly sliced his tires and came at him with a kitchen knife, that resulted in her stabbing herself.

Jorge Arellano claims that after enjoying a night out with his wife, Sabrina Reyna, things quickly turned violent.

He claims Sabrina's jealous ways started coming out after he asked permission to continue to party with her family.

"So as I started trying to get out she was holding me. She started ripping my shirt. She was hitting me. I got a few scrap on my hands. She wouldn't let me go," Arellano said.

He claimed that was only the beginning.

Jorge said she was livid, aaccusing him of going to party with other women.

He said that after he knew the situation was getting out of hand he tried to leave.

As he walked toward his vehicle, Jorge said he pushed ~record TM on his phone.

He wanted to make sure, if he went to police, that he had evidence of what was going on.

She pulled out her hand and I got in my car I closed the door and I locked it and she came and slashed my tire," Arellano said.

Jorge said--- he pushed open the car door---his wife's rage quickly turned to fear as the knife she was holding plunged into her stomach.

I didn TMt know she was behind it so when I pushed it open she was on the other side and I guess she had the knife angled towards her and I didn TMt know," Arellano said.

Reyna was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released.

She was later taken to Willacy County jail.

Sabrina Reyna is charged with aggravated assault threat with a deadly weapon a second degree felony.

She's out on a $12,500 bond.

Jorge tells Action 4 he's not sure what will happen now.

The couple has two children and that is why Arellano said he does not plan to file charges.

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