iHoops Robot Roams our KGBT Studios

As a kid, we all have these cool ideas that we think at least, at the time, are pretty awesome.

Unfortunately for many of us those ideas just stay in our dreams but Thursday morning Action 4 Sunrise had some pretty innovative kids whose ideas became reality.

Sabrina Heins with Time Warner Cable introduced us to a couple of Rio Hondo High School students whose invention is turning heads.

BotCat is the name of their robot and the best part is that it shoots hoops.

Heins said Time Warner is launching a new contest called Wouldn TMt it be cool if| to challenge kids ages 10-15 to dream up the coolest invention idea to make life more awesome.

She also pointed out it could help inspire them to think about how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) could make their idea a reality.

Eligible kids can enter the contest now until March 28, 2012 at 4PM EST.

The grand prize winner(s) will have their idea developed by lead innovation firm Fahrenheit 212.

The extent to which the idea will be developed will depend upon the nature of the idea.

Development may include turning the idea drawing into a real product design, creating a virtual or physical prototype, or helping to create a business plan or identify the best customer for an idea.

To enter the contest click here,