Illegal dumping causes dangers for Santa Maria community

Belinda Lugo and her family can TMt help but be ashamed of the filth that plagues their community.

She says people are using a small portion of Main St. as "a dump, a dump site" and she is hoping people will stop.

It TMs small; we are growing though. We are getting Colonias all over. We are growing which is a good thing -- nice and peaceful, nice and quiet, Lugo said.

In the small Cameron County town of Santa Maria unwanted problems are popping up.

She takes strolls with her family every afternoon but instead of admiring the rural neighborhood she can TMt help but to notice the trash.

"TVs, tires and sometimes dead animals," Lugo said.

A portion of the ditch is filled with broken bottles, trash, and even a syringe.

That's something that bothers Belinda knowing her kids and pets walk through that area daily.

She said it TMs becoming a problem with the stench of dead animals.

"This is the clean version, it used to be covered up," Lugo said.

Belinda claims that particular area on Main St. was just cleared of all the illegal dumping.

She said people who are dumping the trash should find the right place to dispose of their trash.

She wants it out of her neighborhood.

"I walk down that way towards Santa Maria north and actually what they are doing here they are starting to do over there also," Lugo said.

She said it's also an eye sore and if there was a flood water could not go through.

Well, in case there is I mean all this trash here would prevent the water from running so that would be a problem, Lugo said.

In recent years the water would rise to the dirt road and make a mess which is something she is trying to avoid.

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