Illegal Dumping Issues Quickly Addressed

A pile of sofa TMs and mattresses near the intersection of Robindale Road and Highway 48 in Brownsville, caught the attention of Action 4 Viewers.

One woman said, "Lately people have in been throwing trash along Robindale Road (including) household items. Robindale is a very busy street once school starts. I would hate to see that trash make its way to the street or railroad tracks, and for it to cause an accident." Action 4 News called City Health Director Art Rodriguez, who immediately called crews to the area to pick up the trash. Rodriguez said the city contracts with trash pick-up company BFI for brush and bulky materials. He adds the company has a set schedule, making rounds throughout the city, bur residents can contact the company directly to find out when trash trucks will be in their neighborhood.

Rodriguez said the pile found on Robindale Road stood out and may have not been thrown there by residents in the area. He said all the wire metal had been pulled off the furniture, possibly to be sold.

Rodriguez said it is crucial for people to report and dispose of their trash properly, especially at the height of hurricane season. He said the last thing residents want is to have clogged drainage ditches if a storm were to strike. However, he said, that's not the only problem illegal dumping can create.

The dumpsite on Robindale road was near a natural gas line and electricity poles, which could TMve caused major issues for the surrounding neighborhoods.