Illegal dumping returns to Brownsville

Health Department Director Art Rodriguez

It's an ongoing battle for Brownsville Health Department crews.

Illegal dumping sites are popping up throughout Brownsville, even at some that have already been cleaned up.

Action 4 News viewer's recently voiced concerns about illegal dumping on Robindale Road.

Brownsville Health Department officials took immediate action to clean it up, but illegal dumpers were at it again.

An old mattress, a black trash bag full of clothes, ants invading a pile of animal crackers and even medical supplies make up the new illegal dumpsite by these railroad tracks near the intersection of Robindale Road and Highway 48.

It's the same site that raised concerns by Action 4 News viewers recently and was cleaned up by city health department officials.

The results did not last long said city officials.

This is not an illegal dumpsite that can be ignored because of its proximity to utility lines.

Health Department Director Art Rodriguez said he doesn TMt understand why people are not disposing of their trash properly.

"Well it attracts animals to scour through the trash, said Rodriguez. It also creates potential flooding issues, storm flooding issues should it rain and this material clogs up the storm drains so it has a direct effect back in the neighborhood, and it's unsightly and odorous, and it does affect the property values"

Rodriguez said he'll send out crews as soon as possible because this site is of special concern since it's so close to a natural gas line.

This time there was information left behind, identifying the possible violator, who could face fines up to $2,000.