Illegal immigrant arrested in La Joya sex abuse case

A La Joya man is behind bars after he allegedly sexually abused an 8-year-old girl several times.

La Joya police arrested Eduardo Agustin Mottu on an indecency with a child charge on Thursday.

Investigatoros told Action 4 News that what TMs even more shocking is that it TMs not the first time he's committed this type of crime.

Police said the mother of the child filed the complaint earlier this week.

She told police that her daughter told her that Mottu had allegedly touched her inappropriately and penetrated her.

Investigators said Mottu is an illegal immigrant and was using one of ten aliases to evade police.

When Mottu was finally arrested on Wednesday, police said he claimed both the mother and child were conspiring against him.

La Joya Police Lt. Julian Gutierrez spoke to Action 4 News about the case.

"This is an example of where a stranger came in and even though she (the mother) knew about his past she allowed him to stay with them, Sanchez said.

Police said the girl also has a brother, but there are no signs that the child was abused.

Police said Mottu has been accused of this crime before -- with another female child.

Mottu remained calm as he faced a judge on Friday morning where he was issued a $500,000 dollar bond.

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