Illegal immigrant numbers already surpass 2012

Border Patrol is working to educate people on the dangers that lurk in and around the number of illegal immigrant stash houses throughout the Valley. They're hoping, that by talking about the issue, it might open people's eyes to just how serious this issue is getting. So far in 2013, 90,000 people have been taken into Border Patrol custody.

Border Patrol Chief Rosendo Hinojosa said that's over 50 percent more than the same time last year.

Of those 90,000, about 55,000 are not Mexican nationals. They are mainly from Central America.

About 12,000 of those immigrants who make their way illegally into the U.S. are juveniles.

Once they get here, these people are taken to stash houses and are often left without food, water or a place to sleep.

Not only do these homes subject these immigrants to disease, sometimes death.

Hinojosa said they also open the door for sexual assaults.

Last year Border Patrol recorded 11 reported sexual assaults. So far in 2013, 18 have been reported.