Illegal immigrant says journey to U.S. worth the risks

Rene came to the U.S. illegally about 5 years ago and said it was hard for her to provide for her family while she lived in Mexico. The United States was her only option.

She said, while the journey was difficult, she would make it again if that meant giving her family a better life.

Regardless of everything we have to go through it is worth it, ~Rene TM said. Here we can find a job that can help us support our families.

But, Rene added, there is always that fear of not making it here.

She said the crosses that stand near the frontage road just of Expressway 83 in Palmview are a reminder of that.

They are in memory of the 9 illegal immigrants that were killed"when the van they were allegedly being smuggled in flipped numerous times. Palmview Police said a 15-year-old was behind the wheel.

I think about the pain these families are going through back home, She started. I think about them waiting for something and then hearing results like this---it is devastating.