Image of Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus appears on tortilla

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A Starr County family is wondering if a mircale took place in their kitchen on Tuesday afternoon.

Melinda Solis told Action 4 News that she was warming up flour tortillas for her teenage sons after school around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Solis said she was spreading out the cooked tortillas when her mother noticed something unusual.

One of the tortillas had a large brown spot that resembled the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus.

Solis, a mother of four who was raised Catholic, said she and her family are saving the tortilla.

The La Grulla area woman said they are not sure if they are going to call a priest just yet.

"It's safe as long as I keep it away from my long as I keep it away from butter," Solis said.

The image appeared weeks after Da de los Reyes but just ahead of Da de la Candelaria.

In Mexican culture, Dia de los Reyes is celebrated each year with gifts on January 6th to commemorate when the three kings visited the Baby Jesus.

Dia de la Candelaria is celebrated each year with a tamale feast or a "Feast of Purification" on February 2nd to commemorate when Jesus was first presented at the Jewish temple.