Immigrant stash house to be demolished

Immigrant stash house to be demolished

After an abandoned Willacy County home is turned into a stash house, the property owner is opting to tear it down.

From the trash inside and around the house, to the holes in the floor boards, U.S. Border Patrol agents say despite running water and electricity, this stash house in remote Willacy County is anything but sanitary.

"Yes, this is probably one of the worst ones we have seen," RGV Sector spokesman Henry Mendiola Jr. said.

Sewage was even pooling behind the shack.

On May 6, agents detained 44 illegal immigrants found hiding inside.

"This is what these organizations are subjecting these people to, Mendiola said. They are putting them in here for 10, 15, 20 days until they can move them north."

Due to the huge amount of trash surrounding the stash house, from the clothes, to the soda cans, to Gatorade bottles; officials believe the home has been used to hide illegal immigrants for quite a while.

"There are mattresses in there and other indicators that show people have been here for long periods of time, Mendiola said.

The property owner had no idea the vacant home on his property was being used to harbor immigrants on their journey north.

After being contacted in Houston, he immediately sent a team down and decided to demolish the house.

Willacy County Precinct 5 Constable Mario Salazar agrees the home can't stay as is.

"Something like this we can't have around. If we leave it like this it will continue and continue, Salazar said. I'm glad the property owner is in agreement and doesn't want any problems lie this, and is willing to demolish the building."

Agents hope this can be an example to other property owners on how they can help in securing the border and saving people from having to endure these conditions.

Whether you are renting a property in an urban setting or rural environment, if you have any questions and suspect something may be going on, contact our offices, Mendiola said.

Once plumbing and electricity is disconnected the house will be demolished.