Immigrants run across highway to avoid being captured

Immigrants run across highway to avoid being captured.

Fresh footprints, sightings on residents streets, if you look close enough, the signs are everywhere.

"They are not trying to hide or remain concealed anymore," Rio Grande City Police Officer Jose Garcia said.

Action 4 News did a ride-along with Rio Grande City Police to see how the immigration surge is affecting residents in the area.

Officer Garcia spends more than half of his day tracking down undocumented immigrants.

Illegal immigration is nothing new to the border town but has recently become more visible.

"People are forgetting that aside from the fact that families and woman are giving themselves up, there is a whole other faction that are not giving themselves up," Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal said.

Mayor Villarreal saw the bold behavior of immigrants first hand.

"My business that has been there for 22 years was recently the sight of a pursuit of immigrants," he said.

He told Action 4 News on Monday a group of immigrants ran right across Highway 83 in front of his business.

It happened during the busiest hour for traffic in Rio Grande City.

"They almost caused an accident," he said.

Police are getting reports of immigrants knocking on doors, hiding in ditches and unlocked cars.

Mayor Villarreal believes the change in behavior is a result of where the immigrants are coming from.

"The typical immigrant that use to come across from Mexico, they knew one thing, get through, get through quickly and find yourself to the other side of whatever community it is," he said.

A majority of the immigrants come from Central America.

By the time they reach the United States they are scared, hungry and disoriented.

Officers like Garcia have sworn to keep the streets of Rio Grande City safe.

Now that means catching immigrants before they can hurt themselves or others.