Immigrants thankful for help from local churches

The shelter say they receive thankful messages on a chalkboard

The Immaculate Conception Church shelter is made up of two classrooms.

One packed with clothes and shoes, and the other a place to sit and eat.

Volunteers tell us they could soon relocate to a former downtown store.

Our cameras were rolling as city and county officials toured the "La Casa de Nylon" store located on the intersection of 13th and Adams Street.

It's just across the street from the bus station.

According to volunteers, the city is looking to also provide showers for undocumented immigrants that go to the center after they are released from Border Patrol custody.

Volunteer Silvia Rodriguez said giving the immigrants compassion and help makes a huge difference.

"They come afraid. They look like they've been on the road many days; they're hungry. Some they come with their little ones sick. Some babies come with the same pamper for days"

Rodriguez said the change is visible in these immigrants face when they leave their shelter and many leave behind messages of gratitude for the volunteers on a chalk board.

We contacted city manager Charlie Cabler who at this time said he could not confirm that the old store will be turned into a temporary.