Immigrants told 'Welcome to Hell' at Edinburg stash house

Border Patrol agent Rosalinda Huey

More information has been revealed about the 115 immigrants found in an Edinburg Stash House on Wednesday.

According to court records, Welcome to Hell is the greeting dozens of undocumented immigrants heard when they arrived into the U.S.

Those same court records stated that the greeting wasn TMt far from the truth.

$500 a week is much Marcial Salas claimed he was making to smuggle in and hide dozens of illegal immigrants.

Court documents show that Salas admitted to locking the immigrants in a stash house located down a dirt road off of University Drive in Edinburg, despite the rising heat, to keep them from escaping.

The immigrants were given very little food, almost no water and some even reached the point of dehydration.

Desperation took over for one immigrant who finally found the courage to dial 911.

Knowing that meant he would be heading right back to the country he tried escaping.

"They're stuck inside these homes for days at a time in crowded situations, said Border Patrol Agent Rosalinda Huey. Sometimes there is only one bathroom for 60 people. They are placed in very horrible conditions."

Huey said they don't keep statistics on the number of 911 calls made by immigrants who might be lost in the brush or being held against their will, but said the calls are frequent.

"We've seen where people start fearing for their lives that they might not get release, said Huey. They're getting sick or they can longer stay in those homes---so they will dial 911 for help. We encourage that. No one should be placed in that type of situation."

Border Patrol agents told Action 4 News that they have seen an increase in immigrants crossing into the U.S. not just from Mexico, but from Central America and other places.

They said that Central America is where the 115 immigrants staying in that stash house in Edinburg were from.

If you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood, you can call Border Patrol at 1-800-863-9382. All callers will remain anonymous.