Improvements to be made to the McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium

The McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium was built in the 1970s.

McAllen ISD officials said upgrades are needed to keep the aging stadium up to code.

The wear and tear of time and use has caused the stadium to deteriorate.

To add to the problem, there is no air conditioning inside he concessions area.

Another issue is the amount of restroom stalls.

On a busy game night the restrooms see thousands of people.

According to Hitchcock the restrooms are not up to code.

The school district also wants to provide better lighting on the field and remodel the press box.

The district is partnering with the City of McAllen to make all the improvements.

The city budgeted $3 million in the last cities budget and the school district budgeted $2 million in there budget.

Both the city and the school district officials said no taxes will be raised on home owners on this portion of the project.

The $5 million project is only a piece of a master plan he district has envisioned.

That plan includes building a field house and improving parking which will cost $16 million total.

The plan is not finalized.

Planners are also looking to improve infrastructure at several campuses as well.

The renovations will begin sometime in the next year.