In memory of the missionaries killed, cyclists want drivers to learn how to share the road

Cyclists across the Rio Grande Valley hope, in memory of the two missionaries killed in a hit and run Tuesday, drivers become more aware of cyclists riding their bikes through town.

The cyclist community said drivers need to learn how to share the road.

The death of Elder Trevor Reinhold Strong and Elder Derek Jason Walker was a blow to members everywhere of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

"When I first knew, I was really shocked because I really didn't understand why|why them?" said Elder David Magallanez who knows the missionaries.

Their grief is shared by many others outside the LDS community who ride bicycles just as the young missionaries were doing when they were struck by a car and killed.

"Anytime that there's an accident or somebody that's been injured or somebody that has been killed, it's always a concern. It hits close to home," said Timothy Mantle of Bicycle World in McAllen.

Avid cyclists in the Valley are rattled by the deaths of Stong and Walker.

"We're worried because of our own safety, and we want to be out safe on the streets and enjoying our ride," said Mantle.

Mantle said it's a scary thought that a car can strike a cyclist even when that cyclist is doing everything he or she can to be seen on the road.

"They had their lights on both front and rear lights. They had their helmets on as they should. It was just a careless driver that wasn't watching and as they intended to pass and didn't realize that there was somebody else on the road," said Mantle.

Jorge Guerrero cycles regularly and has seen first-hand how careless drivers can be.

It's dangerous to be in a car, and if you're not even paying attention, then why are you driving?" said Guerrero.

Guerrero said he wants drivers to learn to share the road with cyclists.

"Just because you own a car, doesn't mean that you own the road," said Guerrero.

As for missionaries like David Magallanez, awareness while cycling from one valley neighborhood to the other to share their gospel is now heightened.

I know they were in the right place, but for myself, I'm gonna try to be more precautious," he said.

Elder Zachary Harris who was also hit by the oncoming car is recovering from the accident.

LDS members are caring for Harris, and he's receiving counseling to overcome the tragic event.