Incentive package to secure jobs for Harlingen residents in SpaceX

The Harlingen Economic Development Corporation is one step closer of getting an incentive passed that will bring jobs to Harlingen residents in SpaceX.

The incentive package is worth $450,000.

The EDC has been working on this package for the past year.

This incentive would make Harlingen residents 10 percent of all SpaceX new hires.

Those positions would need to be open for the next five years.

Salaries averaging $55,000 a year.

The incentive will be active for the next three years.

Right now, SpaceX is planning on hiring between 200 to 300 employees. Out of those employees between 20 to 30 will be Harlingen residents.

"It can be anything from a construction job in terms of a launch pad or it could be a high tech job at mission control, Harlingen EDC Chief Executive Officer Raudel Garza said. It could be somebody that is working actually on the field system on the rockets or the electronic systems; the guidance system on those rockets. So it TMs any job that SpaceX brings."

Garza said that SpaceX suppliers will also be hiring.

In Texas, SpaceX has 250 suppliers.

Garza adds that SpaceX coming to the Rio Grande Valley will help other Harlingen businesses.

Harlingen is located only 30 miles away from the launch site near Boca Chica Beach.

"Many of them are going to stay in hotels in Harlingen, they will be flying in through Valley International Airport here in Harlingen, Garza said. They will be staying in our restaurants and shopping in our stores, so that TMs some of the benefits on the tourism angle."

Now, it is down to the five Harlingen City Commissioners approving the incentive package at their next meeting on Wednesday.

"I think everyone is very supportive of this project, everybody is excited about SpaceX, Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell said. Everybody is excited about the idea of an aerospace cluster in Cameron County."

Harlingen is already the home of United Launch Alliance.

An airspace industry that is similar to SpaceX.