Increased burglaries in Harlingen neighborhood

George Kattan has been at his Harlingen home for 20 years.

It TMs a neighborhood with nice homes and great curb appeal.

He said his neighborhood use to be safe.

In the past 2 months he has several burglaries and in broad daylight.

They stole a washer and dryer and a lawnmower said George Kattan

Now Kattan said the recent burglaries are leaving him in fear of coming home, and finding something else missing.

"They even had the time to take my clothes out of the dryer and neatly, so they are trying to leave a message that they want to own this neighborhood and no one can stop them" said George Kattan

Harlingen police Sgt. John Parrish"said one thing that may be attracting thieves to this area is that thief TMs know, no one is home.

"We do recommend always shutting your garage doors, keep them locked, only takes thieves seconds to see something they may like" said Sgt. John Parrish

Kattan hopes to see increased patrols by police and there are talks to form a neighborhood watch.

He also hopes detectives are able to recover some of the property.

In order to keep his property safe Kattan will be installing an alarm in his home.