Indecent exposure or urinating in public?

Manuel Garcia

A man with a warrant out for his arrest since March 2012 was taken into custody on Monday.

Manuel Garcia was wanted for allegedly exposing himself to his female neighbor.

The woman claims that she was outside feeding her dogs in La Paloma when she noticed Garcia watching her from his yard.

When the woman began to feel uncomfortable, she shined a flashlight at Garcia and saw he exposing his genitals and pleasuring himself.

A Cameron County Sheriff TMs Deputy responded to Garcia TMs home on the 22000 block of Cinco de Mayo.

He explained to authorities that he was outside watching a helicopter when he needed to urinate.

Garcia also denied the woman TMs claims.

Deputy Investigators contacted the woman six days later. She said she wished to press charges.

Garcia was charged with Indecent Exposure. He already posted his $5,000 bond.