Indian Lake Police Chief indicted on official oppression charges

Indian Lake Police Chief John Chambers is facing criminal charges

A Rio Grande Valley police chief has been indicted on felony charges.

Indian Lake is one the Valley's smallest cities, but their police chief is facing big charges.

The Cameron County DA TMs office is not issuing a statement at this time, but Indian Lake Police Chief John Chambers confirms he has been indicted and is fighting the charges.

Full details about the indictment are not immediately available but Chambers said he was indicted on official oppression charges.

Chief Chambers told Action 4 News that he was both surprised and disappointed to learn of this indictment.

"I was outside my jurisdiction, Chief Chambers said about the incident. I was in plain clothes| in my personal vehicle... no reference to my position as chief of police whatsoever."

Action 4 has learned the case remains sealed at a state district court in Brownsville.

Chambers said it all stems from an incident with an ex-employee who was fired from his wife's private security guard company, Border Security Investigations.

"An ex-employee had failed to return a truck that he had borrowed, Chambers explained. He was wanting to buy it but he never made payment. So, basically, it was theft or unauthorized use of a motor vehicle."

The chief said he and his wife filed charges against the ex-employee back in June but they learned he had the truck in the nearby community of Laureles.

They went to get the truck back and even called Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies to let them know but it didn't go as expected.

"The sheriff's office started prying into it asking, ~Did he do this? Or did he do that? TM Trying to tell them what to say and pretty soon they had it switched around where i was no longer the victim| that I was somehow using my position, Chambers said.

The chief believes the charges are politically-motivated because he intends to run for Cameron County Sheriff as a Republican candidate in 2016.

Chambers has hired a lawyer but is calling the case an example of "malicious prosecution and is asking area residents to be patient and not pass judgment.

" I would say it's definitely political, Chambers said. I look forward to the facts of the case coming out in the public light."

Chief Chambers remains on the job but said his attorneys will get a copy of the indictment first thing in the morning.

No court date has been set but he's expected to be arraigned and booked.

John Chambers Statement:

"I am surprised and disappointed to learn of this indictment. I assure you and the public that I am completely innocent of any charges that have been brought against me. I look forward to allowing the legal system to take its course. During the days and weeks to come, the corruption and inept ability of members of the cameron county sheriff's office will be brought to light. There has been a continuous pattern of malicious prosecutions against myself and others that take a stand against corruption within cameron county. Again Indian Lake Police Chief John Chambers has been indicted by a grand jury.