Indian Lake residents want town leaders to listen up

Indian Lake may seem like a quiet and peaceful town outside the city of Los Fresnos.

But it TMs what's lurking within that people who live here said is causing concern.

"There seems to be a lot of problems concerning the city following state statutes when it comes to certain things," said concerned citizen Rick Lunsford.

According Lunsford, those problems include city leaders going against ordinances that all citizens are required to follow.

One ordinance in particular prohibits townspeople from having horses, cows, or any animals that are considered livestock.

Lunsford said no one has livestock in town, except for one person who happens to work in the police department.

He keeps horses and goats on his property.

"The current ordinance says that it is illegal to have livestock within the city limits, said Lunsford. If you drive by, you'll see horses and goats. And they've been there for many months."

A public meeting was held to discuss and consider the approval of amending the ordinance for the keeping of livestock.

This enraged many citizens of Indian Lake who are against having livestock in their community, and claim the town only aims to amend the ordinance in order to keep their friends happy.

"I am afraid it's going to lead to noise, manure smell, diseases from the animals that are seldom tested as carriers, and a variety of complaints."

Citizens of Indian Lake told Action 4 News they have made multiple petitions against city leaders and claim their voices have not been heard.

However at Monday's public hearing, the committee tabled the livestock ordinance for another date, claiming they need to have their attorneys examine and investigate the ordinance.

We also spoke with Mayor Barbara Cullum of Indian Lake.

She said Rick Lunsford is running against her for mayor, and many of these accusations are politically motivated.

City leaders of Indian Lake denied to go on camera.

They said they will be dealing with their attorneys on the many issues discussed in their town meetings.