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      Indictment reveals bribery, drug charges for Starr County deputy

      It was business as usual on Friday at the Starr County Sheriff's Office but they will be one man down for the coming months.

      The FBI arrested Deputy Investigator Nazario Solis on Thursday afternoon.

      A newly unsealed indictment accuses Solis of bribery, extortion and drug trafficking, among other charges.

      "They should arrest him and investigate him to see what happened and what he did, Leopoldo Ramirez, a long time Starr County resident, said.

      He added that he is not surprised by the arrest because he often travels to Mexico and said he has seen crime cross the border.

      "From what I can see, even on television, it is happening more often, he said.

      According to federal court records, three of the counts stem from Deputy Solis' relationship with a gambling business.

      Prosecutors claim Solis took bribes in exchange for protection, and that he allegedly warned the business about raids before they would happen.

      The other three counts deal with Solis' alleged involvement in the drug trade.

      The indictment accuses the deputy of taking in marijuana and cocaine, with the intent to distribute it.

      In the case of the cocaine, records showed Solis supposedly traded three kilos in exchange for semi and fully automatic rifles to send to Mexico. "They should not be helping them out, they should be arresting them, Ramirez said about the this illicit relationship between the deputy and drug traffickers. How are they helping them? If they held them, then this will never end.

      He wondered how law enforcement is supposed to lock up criminals, if they are the ones helping them.

      The chief deputy with the Starr County Sheriff TMs Office said Deputy Solis was placed on administrative leave without pay, pending the outcome of the case.