Infant found dead in Harlingen home

Police resonded to a call on Susan Street

A Harlingen couple woke up to a parent TMs worse nightmare when they found their five-week-old baby dead.

Police responded to a 911 call from a house on the 1900 block of Susan Street.

When EMS arrived at the scene, they attempted to revive the newborn, but there was no response.

Authorities said they are looking into suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) as possible causes of the infant TMs death.

If the baby turned over at some point or rolled over and went face down it couldn't role itself back over, there's different things that can take place like I said the symptoms for SIDS their still some questions about it in the medical world," Sgt Dave Osborne said.

Sgt. Osborne told Action 4 that this was not the couple TMs first child, and that he is not aware the newborn had a medical condition.

An autopsy has been ordered for the five-week-old.