"Ingrid" unleashes untold damage south of the border

Soto La Marina Flooding // Photo by @evasquez8 via Twitter

Mexican authorities are waiting for the weather to clear before they start assessing the damage from Hurricane Ingrid.

The Category 1 storm made landfall just north of Tampico on Monday morning.

According to reports, the storm made the most damage in Soto La Marina, a city located about 140 miles north of Tampico.

Amid swelling rivers, flooding and wind damage, a bridge linking Soto La Marina and Villa de Casas was washed out.

Many residents shared photos of the damage on the social media network Twitter.

Hundreds of people evacuated their homes and took refuge in shelters set up by Tamaulipas officials.

Officials have cancelled classes in 21 municipalities on Tuesday as Ingrid moves inland toward San Luis Potosi.