Inspector: 'When lights went out, party began' with rats at Family Dollar

Family Dollar on 5721 North FM 1015 near Weslaco has been closed for more than a week.

The health department shut it down for rodent contamination in the store.

An inspector tells the Food Patrol how this is the second strike against this business for the same problem in just a few months.

He says the rats are in the walls and attic.

When the lights went out, the party began, the inspector told Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf.

His findings include droppings, gnawed bags of dog food and a foul odor in the business.

There are 6 demerits in all on the health report from May 14th.

Family Dollar faces a citation if the rodent contamination continues in the future.

It also can't reopen until the business is cleared by the health department.

A closed sign remains posted on the door.

It's not rats rather wild birds and a dog inside a tortilleria that gets the business in trouble with the health department.

Tortilleria Don Abel on 9473 North La Homa Road near Mission scores 36 demerits on a May 12th inspection.

The establishment is called "filthy" on the report.

Some other violations include flies, birds eating discarded tortillas in the back of the building with no screen door and a dog inside, which is against health code, according to a county inspector.

The Food Patrol goes inside to check on any corrections done.

But a worker inside couldn't provide any answers.

Blue Mermaid on 119 Billy Mitchell in Brownsville isn't keeping it clean with 23 demerits on an April 25th inspection.

A report states how there are roaches, both dead and alive, during the city TMs checkup.

Other violations include employees touching veggies with bare hands, no hair restraints, missing temperature logs for expiration dates and off temperature food including marisco soup 25 degrees under the required mark.

Dairy Queen on 800 West Business 83 in San Juan is this week's featured top performer with 0 demerits.

The Food Patrol hand delivers a top performer sticker.

It's the restaurant's second one in two years.

"What do you want people to know when they see that sticker on the door?" Ryan asked the staff.

"We have a clean store!" they said.

You know what the Food Patrol says about that--"Keep it clean!"

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