Insurance increase on coastal counties called "discriminatory"

No one wants to pay more for insurance.

And agents in Cameron County don't stand to gain much either.

Residents, insurance agents, county and city leaders even realtors packed the house for a meeting with the commissioner for Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

State leaders who represent Cameron County are standing up against the surcharge that will be added to insurance rates solely in coastal counties if a hurricane strikes.

They say it's just not fair and it should be all or none.

Even calling the law discriminatory.

Legislators are hoping they can go back to the drawing board to find a solution that doesn't place more stress on a community that already struggles economically.

Those who have come to Cameron County from out of state to enjoy the beauty of the coastal community tell us they will pack up and leave if they are forced to pay more than the rest of the state for automobile and property insurance.