Intense shootout reported in Nuevo Laredo streets

American officials are confirming reports about intense shootouts in the streets of Nuevo Laredo in an area directly across the border from Laredo, Texas.

It all started around 3:50 p.m Friday in the Colonia Viveros, a neighborhood nestled along the banks of the Rio Grande River.

Nuevo Laredo residents used the #NuevoLaredo hashtag of the social media network Twitter to report gunfire, detonations and a military helicopter in the sky.

Residents reported that the helicopter was firing its guns into unknown targets below.

Mexican authorities have not released any information about the incident.

But the American Consulate in Nuevo Laredo warned its followers on Twitter that an ongoing shootout was taking place in the Colonia Viveros around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

The consulate reported that Mexican soldiers were searching for a vehicle in the Colonia Jardin.

It's not clear if there were any injuries or casualties.

Action 4 News will provide more information as it becomes available.