Investigation continues into fatal DWI wreck on South Padre Island

A vacation out on South Padre Island turned deadly for Michigan native Jimmie Anklim on Saturday evening.

South Padre Island Police Chief Randy Smith said the man was riding his motorcycle with his wife down Padre Boulevard when the couple was struck by a vehicle.

Chief Smith said the driver of the car was identified as South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation Director Darla Lapeyre.

Police said alcohol may have been to blame.

"The officer did do some road side field sobriety observations, Smith said. He just felt it was in the best avenue what we did, it's officer discretion on the field and I believe he made the right choice."

Chief Smith said that based on those field sobriety tests Lapeyre was arrested and charged with intoxication assault and driving under the influence.

However, now that Anklim has died those charges could be upgraded.

"The next elevated charge is obviously some type of vehicle manslaughter, Smith said. But that's going to be a (Cameron County) District Attorney's call. We'll file the appropriate charges - but with the direction of the District Attorney's office.

Smith said everyone must follow the law regardless of their position.

"If alcohol or any other factor played into it we're going to look into it, Smith said. We're going to look at that - and the fact that somebody may be in a particular position here, isn't going to change the scope of our investigation."

Lapeyre posted a $10,000 bond and was released from jail.