Investigators release new details about The Park Girl arrest

Jo Leigh Ares Mugshot

Jo Leigh Ares, better known as the owner of The Park Girl in La Feria, was arrested at about 7:20 p.m. Wednesday in Boise, Idaho.

Ares is accused of scamming her clients out of thousands of dollars.

Cameron County Precinct 7 Constable Cesar Diaz confirmed her arrest.

He says they got a tip from friends and employees that Jo Leigh Ares was on a flight from Sacramento, California to Idaho.

Constable Diaz tells Action 4 News they then contacted the US Air Marshals.

By the time Ares landed in Boise, police were waiting to place her under arrest.

Ares was booked into the Ada County Jail in Boise where she awaits extradition to the Rio Grande Valley.

She is wanted on a total of eight felony arrest warrants from Precinct 7 as well as the La Feria Police Department.

The La Feria Police Department is also working with us in having Ares extradited to the valley and having her face charges , said Constable Diaz.

Last week her attorney told Action 4 News, Ares had fled the valley and the state because of death threats against her.

Palm Valley police confirmed her car had been shot at.

Many families turned to Action 4 News, law enforcement officials and the Texas Attorney General's Office to voice their frustration with The Park Girl.

They claim Ares took thousands of dollars from them and never gave them the mobile home they had purchased.

Constable Cesar Diaz tells Action 4 News they will make contact with police in Boise first thing tomorrow morning regarding the extradition.

They are hoping to have her back in the Valley by tomorrow night or Friday morning.