iPads go missing at Progreso ISD

iPads missing at Progreso ISD

Many school districts are using iPads as a tool in the classroom and Progreso Independent School District hoped to do the same.

The school board purchased about 90 iPads more than three years ago for a pilot program.

Principals were asked to submit plans on how they could work them into the curriculum, but for some reason that never happened.

"Someone from central office went to the supply room and instructed the iPads be sent to the campuses," Progreso ISD Superintendent Dr. Fernando Castillo said.

Half of the iPads, purchased with taxpayer's money, ended up at Progreso High School last year.

Over the summer they were stored, but administrators say they were nowhere to be found at the beginning of the school year.

"They have not located them, so they are looking for those iPads. They do have id numbers," Dr. Castillo said.

Progreso ISD is being investigated by the federal government and the TEA after the school board president and a district employee were indicted in connection to a bribery scheme.

The recent scandal has parents wondering why school administrators are not keeping a closer eye on how money is being spent.

"I think some parents are wanting to know how and where their tax money went and what they did with them," a concerned parent said.

Parents say a plan should have been in place when the iPads were purchased.

Why buy something if you are not going to know how to use them? Get something you know is going to be used, a parent said.

Dr. Castillo tells Action 4 News the district filed a police report on the missing iPads and are reviewing surveillance video.

There are no signs of forced entry into the location where the iPads were stored, so whoever took them was someone with a key.