Irene Garza TMs family speaks out on ~RicRod TM victory

Ricardo Rodriguez

After Ricardo Rodriguez TMs victory against longtime incumbent, Rene Guerra, in the Hidalgo County race for District Attorney, Irene Garza TMs family speaks out.

"We talked about making a change, Mr. Guerra has done what he's done for 32 years and the 34 years that he'll be there, but we have things we want to implement," Ricardo Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he is looking to strengthen the public integrity division, create strong relationship with law enforcement, and help those with mental health problems.

Many supporters like Irene Garza's cousin, Dr. Linda De La Vina, couldn TMt agree more.

She said even though Rodriguez has made no promises to prosecute the Garza case, De La Vina is excited to have a new D.A.

"We're not the only family that has suffered in justice and indignities in Hidalgo County and him winning isn't about us-it's about all families and citizens in Hidalgo County."

Ricardo Rodriguez said even after 100 percent of the votes were in that the reality he had been elected as the new D.A for Hidalgo County had not yet set in.

"Now, it's official. We feel great we're excited, but more than anything, I know the citizens of the county are more excited than me," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said the residents of county have cast their vote adding that their voices have and will be heard because change is coming

Rodriguez said he laid out a clear platform and when he takes office January 1st, he wants to hit the ground running.

"I'm making promises to the citizens of Hidalgo County today, and I'm going to keep those promises because again, that position belongs to citizens of this county. It doesn TMt belong to the person that is there.

As long as we treat everyone with dignity and respect and when we TMre dispensing justice, we're fair and equal and justice for all, you can't go wrong," said the newly elected District Attorney.

The final tally came out to 29, 172 votes cast for Ricardo Rodriguez, which gave him over 63 percent of the vote.

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