IRS goes after $773,000 from lawyer jailed in Abel Limas scandal

IRS agents say Valle refused to meet with them

The IRS is now going after a former attorney jailed for his role in the Abel Limas cash for court favors scandal.

Jose Martin Joe Valle is serving a 13-month sentence at a federal prison in Bastrop.

Disbarred from practicing law as part of his sentence, Valle is expected to be released is April but is now facing tax troubles.

Federal court records show that the IRS is seeking $773,517.46 in back taxes from Valle.

IRS officials filed two legal actions against Valle in Brownsville TMs federal court on Tuesday.

The agency seeking to seize his former law office in downtown Brownsville and his safety deposit box at a nearby Wells Fargo Bank to pay his back taxes.

According to a document filed in court, an IRS agent tried to meet with Valle at the Bastrop prison but he refused the visit.