Is your child's car seat safe?

The recent rollover accident in McAllen that killed four-year-old boy Daemin Wyett Acevedo has raised awareness on the importance of putting children in restraining seats.

Rene Alaniz is a McAllen Fire Department certified car seat technician.

Alaniz says there are three things to look at when buying a car seat.

"It's the one you can afford. The one that is the right size for your child and the one you are going to use," Alaniz said.

He recommends every parent have their child TMs seat checked to make sure it's properly installed.

"Out of every five car seats we check, four of them have something wrong," Alaniz said.

One of the most common problems is alterations.

If you purchase other products for your car seat like head supports that don't come in the box with the car seat, you alter the car seat, and therefore the car seat manufacture will not be held liable if you TMre in an accident and your child is injured.."The 213 standard says that only what comes out of the box when you purchase it is the only thing besides the baby that you can add to that car seat, Alaniz said.

Read the manual to make sure you know how to install the seat and the child size it fits.

"Once the child exceeds the weight or height the child goes into the next car seat, Alaniz said.

Improper installation can cause serious injury or even death.

"If the car seat moves more than one inch where it is held down, it is too loose, Alaniz said.

All car seats sold in stores like Babies ~R TM Us meet federal safety regulations.

Never buy a car seat at a garage sale if you don't know it meets those regulations.

If you want a certified technician to check out your seat call McAllen Fire Dept. or Harlingen Police Dept.Starting Friday Babies ~R TM Us will give customers a discount on a new car seat when they bring in their old one.