Isaac upgraded to hurricane status

Tropical Storm Isaac is now a Hurricane // National Hurricane Center Image

It TMs official: Isaac is now churning in the Gulf of Mexico as a hurricane.

The storm, now packing winds of 75 mph gusting to 85 mph, was classified as a tropical storm for several days as it struggled to reach the Category 1 threshold of 73 mph wind speeds.

Isaac is currently located just southeast of Louisiana, and is expected to maintain its TM category 1 status at least through the time it makes landfall Wednesday morning.

The storm is already pummeling the southeastern Gulf coast, with hurricane warnings stretching from Louisiana to the extreme western part of the Florida panhandle.

It is expected to bring more than 15 inches of rain in some places as it slowly moves inland.

For the Rio Grande Valley, coastal resident cant expect an increase of rip tide risks and higher than normal waves.

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