It takes one tire fire to harm a city

High temperatures can be just what an old tire needs to spontaneously combust but they can't be turned off as quickly.Firefighters say that once a tire catches fire anyone that inhales the smoke is putting their health at risk."Anywhere you leave a tire especially piles of tires, it's a hazard and especially in the grass because grass is also a fuel load that will add to the fire," Firefighter Jerry Pea said.Jerry Pea has been fighting fires with the McAllen fire department for 7 years.He says that any tire laying in the sun is a fire hazard and tire fires are some of the hardest one to put out because of the materials tires are made of."They say that some tires have approximately about maybe 2 gallons of oil content inside of it," Pea said. "So it TMs bigger than a normal fire because of its content because of hydrocarbons involved."Those oils make it dangerous to inhale the smoke.In August 2011, a pile of about 2,000 tires was found on a property just outside San Benito.For hours the tires burned, blowing black toxic smoke into the air.It took several departments from across the valley to put it out and cost over $10,000 in resources.The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality stepped in and charged the property owner for allegedly allowing people to dump tires on his property."Those tires also release a lot of toxic chemicals to include a lot of the cancer causing chemicals which is a potential hazard," Pea said. "Inhalation hazards for the residents of that city."