Jail cell interview with manager accused of stealing lotto tickets

A former manager at a family owned convenience store in La Feria trades spots behind a counter and heads behind bars.

Lorena Adame is locked up on theft charges.

La Feria police said she ripped off her former employer.

"We learned there was about $19,000 missing," Chief Don Garcia said.

It forced Vega's Drive-Thru off Business 83 in La Feria to close in January after five years in business.

A new store owner has since opened in the shop.

Lorena, 40-years-old, admitted she took cash and lottery tickets over a two month period with the boss's permission.

"I feel bad because I grabbed the tickets and because the business is closed, but I only grabbed the tickets because Mr. Vega allowed me to grab them," she said from her jail cell.

It's a claim daughter Kelly and mother Josefa Vega both deny.

"It makes me angry," Kelly said. "Why would my father give somebody permission like that?"

Chief Garcia described how the suspect played her employers by stealing hundreds of lottery tickets.

"She was checking to see which one were winners and what was not," he explained. "The ones that weren't, she just discarded them. She was actually robbing them blind."

Kelly said she's known the suspect since 2005.

"My parents really trusted her and to let her manage the store," she said.

The case against Lorena sat cold for months.

Police believed she fled to Mexico where she's originally from.

That is until the Vega's learned about her working at a store in Donna and called police who arrested her on Monday following a sting.

"She deserves it," Kelly said about the former employee being behind bars. "No questions asked."

Lorena remains locked up on a $50,000 bond.

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