Jailed Brownsville man to be featured on '60 Minutes'

Frank Morales / File Photo

A Brownsville man jailed for his role in a scheme to use stem cells as a bogus cures for several incurable diseases will be in the national spotlight.

Francisco "Frank" Morales will be featured in a report for the CBS News program '60 Minutes' on Sunday evening.

A reported entitled 'Stem Cell Fraud' will feature website that promise stem cells can cure a number of disease.

Although the piece will feature a doctor offering to use stem cell to cure cerebral palsy, producers of '60 Minutes' told Action 4 News it will also show Morales.

The Brownsville man remains in custody in Houston where he's under indictment for a cross-border scheme to use stem cells as a bogus cure for cancer, multiple sclerosis and other incurable diseases.

Morales is accused of falsely representing himself as a doctor now faces two separate indictments for the multi-million dollar scheme.

The Brownsville man and his alleged partner Lawrence Stowe are charged in one indictment.

Stowe remains a fugitive but was also featured on '60 Minutes' with Morales last year.

The two are accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars and took them to clinics in Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas and Monterrey for the procedures.

Morales remains behind bars but is expected to appear in a federal court in Houston on January 13th.

Del Rio maternity clinic owner Jesus Alberto Ramon and South Carolina pathologist Vincent Dammai are charged with Morales in the other indictment.