Jailed Dad: "So what if the baby dies, he TMs my child"

Yashuan Manuel Roman // San Benito Police Department Photo

A San Benito father is behind bars after choking his mother and giving his 9-month-old son an herbal extract that could have killed him.

San Benito police arrested Yashaun Manuel Roman and child endangerment and domestic violence charges early Sunday morning.

Investigators said it all started with a domestic disturbance between Roman and his mother at their South McCullough Street home.

Police said Roman TMs mother was upset he had given his sick 9-month-old child Skullcap liquid herbal extract drops.

The baby reportedly slept for 14 hours straight because the drops are 44 to 54 percent organic grain alcohol per fluid ounce.

The mother allegedly told Roman that he needed to monitor the baby because the baby could die if he mixed the prescribed medication with the drops.

Roman allegedly replied, So what if the baby dies, He TMs my child.

The San Benito man allegedly used vulgar language and got in a fighting stance.

Roman's mother said she got scared and slapped him but he responded by slapping her back and pushing her against the refrigerator.

He then allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pressed his thumbs into the front of her neck.

Roman TMs 17-year-old brother pulled him off their mother and escorted him outside.

The baby TMs medical condition was not immediately available but Roman remains in custody under $60,000 dollars in bonds.