Jailed Karate Instructor Gets Public Support

Karate school parents are coming forward to speak out in support of their children TMs jailed sensei on multiple child sex abuse charges. Cecilia Hernandez said Carlos Anderson will be vindicated in court. "He's still considered innocent until proven guilty," she said. Hernandez's son has been enrolled at USA Knights Karate on Jackson Street in Harlingen for the past three years. She's one of several parents who plans to sign a court ordered waiver to allow their children to attend Anderson's potential future karate classes. Veronica Granados has a 13 year old daughter enrolled in Anderson's class too. "Me as a concerned parent... I did ask my child did you see anything... Did you hear anything... Did he do anything to you... She said no mom... It was just a shock," said Granados. Anderson's attorney will have to draw up the language for the waiver, and pending court approval, he will eventually be allowed to teach students despite his bond restrictions. They prevent him from being around children under the age of 18, except his students whose parents sign the waiver. Anderson faces charges linked to accusations by three young students over a three year period. His bond was raised to $100,000 dollars this week. Other court restrictions prevent him from using his myspace account. A post on his karate studio's account shortly after the investigation by the Texas Rangers in December 2009 reads, "disgusted with evil and lying girls who love pity and attention." Hernandez said her son has been under Anderson's guidance for last three years as a red belt. She called the case against his instructor "flawed" and the so-called victims in the case "troubled youth." "Right now you have an innocent man sitting in jail," she said. "Unfortunately we're going to have to wait until November when the next hearing is... And then you're going to find out who the liars are... And it's not Carlos Anderson," said Hernandez Parents in support of Anderson said they plan to hold some type of fundraiser to help him post bond.